Co-operation and promote the interest of the Region

The province's success is the result of the work done together, in public service and in the so-called. in the third sector. The best result will be achieved as a team, when the different parties in the province level regions and villages, as well as to the level of the republic work toward common goals.

Council of Oulu region as a regional development authority is to act as the main inspiration for the task of cooperation. Solid and interactive cooperation with the various parties involved in the development of the province brings to the Council an important resources.

Lobbying is the whole Council of Oulu Region activities closely linked to the related work. Work is guided by the County plan and the province based on the program and the province. In particular, the interests of the whole of the province of the Federal drive and highlight projects of regional cooperation. The Council works together with member municipalities and other regional actors for the smaller municipilaty or sub-region and their development projects.

Province's and the individual municipalities' important issues will bring to the attention of the policy makers and project their range of development trends. Lobbying is being done more and more in the direction of the European Union.