Finland 100 years

Finlandīs big year 2017

Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. The newly born state was willed into being by the Finns after a long struggle. In spite of hard times, the Finnish people have for almost a hundred years engaged in the building of their country and making decisions together. Now the Finns are leading their country into a new century with courage and determination.

The centenary of Finlandīs independence in 2017 will be the most significant commemorative year for this generation of Finns. It will provide opportunities to better understand the past, experience the jubilee together and set the course for Finlandīs future success.

Come and join the celebration!

Theme – Together

The theme of Finlandīs centenary celebration year is ‘Togetherī. With the help of a host of participants, we will draw up a lively programme covering the whole of 2017. The centenary celebration is open to both Finns and friends of Finland. Now you have the opportunity to do a small or great deed and so make a contribution to your own community – Finland.

The centenary is a vantage point from which we can look both forward and back on a hundred years, with our feet firmly planted in the present. Our centenary programme will deepen our understanding of the entire period since independence, while surveying Finland as it is now and seeking and forging a new country.

A varied programme will mark Finlandīs independence celebrations in 2017. While overall responsibility for putting the programme together rests with the ‘Finland 100 Yearsī organisation established in the Prime Ministerīs Office, the centenary programme can only be created through the joint efforts of Finns and friends of Finland.