International co-operation

There is aa greater role in the international issues in Northern Ostrobothnia and the whole of the province. The province-wide program for the development of the processes have highlighted a number of groups, with an international dimension is involved, or where there is a need to. International strategy of council describes area as cooperation between globalizing regions and international cooperation.

Acts of Globalization in a area are part of the work of the regional development. The most important are the development of cooperation in the Barents region as a part of the globalization of the province (Northern).

Globalization point of view, it is important to raise the level of expertise of the operators, in addition to the promotion of international activities of the training involved in the interaction between the actors and the exchange of experience. Ann international action focused on the largely North of the provinces of Finland (Northern Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia, Lapland and Kainuu) cooperation, which plays an important role in Interreg and other EU development programmes, as well as offices in the Brussels area.

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