The Office of the Honorary Consul of Russia
Mr. Pauli Saapunki works as a Honorary Consul for Russia in Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, Central Ostrobothnia, Lapland and North Karelia provinces stationed in Kuusamo.

Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation overseens Russian citizens and businesses rights and interests in a area. Honorary Consul also contribute to the development of the cooperative relationship between the Russian and the country. Honorary Consul's tasks is representation of the country offices, the registration of temporary or permanently living Russian citizens.

In addition, the Honorary Consul in order to strengthen the bilateral contacts in the economic, cultural works, in the areas of science, as well as to encourage cooperation between the Finnish and Russian regions.

Honorary Consul does not grant Russian passports, visas and other consular documents, but may, if necessary, to help the filling in and sending them.

Regional Council of Northern Ostrobothnia assisted by Honorary Consul Saapunkia in his Office in Northern Ostrobothnia.

The Honorary Consul Mr. Saapunki contact and his assistants:

Honorary Consul of Russian Federation
Pauli Saapunki
Paimenpojankuja 5
93600 Kuusamo
p. 0400 682 804

Regional Council of Oulu Region
Roman Gokkoev
Manager for international affairs
puh. 040-5392133


Regional Council of Kainuu
Paavo Keränen
puh. 044-7100853

Regional Council of North Karelia
Timo Leinonen
puh. 050 463 1424

Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia
Marja-Leena Mikkonen-Karikko
puh. 040 730 0902