Regional development

The regional development is responsible for the regional development in accordance with the law of the province general development. The Regional development department with others is responsible updating Regional Plan and Regional Strategic Programme and also responsible for updating of the implementation plan for regional strategic programme.

A significant contribution within the authority, including the work of the 2014-2020 sustainable growth and the structural funds programme, as well as through the activities of the national financial executed by it's own strong influence instruments for regional development.

Through the implementation of the regional development decision is
· through modernisation, growth and competitiveness
· will be added to the vitality of the regions and the networking of operators
· creating prosperity through partnerships

The regional development resources are eg. strengthening of the R&D, to promote digitalisaation, environments experimentation, a high-quality living environment and the young age structure.

The diversity of the economy, as well as the priorities of the area of specialisation of the smart functionality and accessibility, culture, anticipation and international control of the regional development.