Implementation plan for regional strategic programme

The implementation plan, which is more concrete than the regional strategic programme, contains the most important measures and projects aimed at putting the programme into effect and the plan for financing the measures. The implementation plan sets out the priority areas for national and European Union funding. In addition, regional anticipation and preparation of structural changes have been described in the implementation plan. The implementation plan also describes the measures concerning the region´s cooperation areas and other joint regional measures and the initiatives submitted to central government.

The implementation plan is prepared every two years under the auspices of the regional council in cooperation with the ELY Centres and other central government authorities, municipalities and other parties involved in the implementation of the regional strategic programme. The plan may be reviewed each year. The implementation plan is approved by the regional management committee.

By laying out a long-term (10 - 20 years) framework and guidelines for regional land use the regional land use plan provides a basis for achieving the regional objectives. The regional land use plan is closely connected with the regional strategic programme because the development measures laid out in the programme may require regional land use planning. At the same time, the regional land use plan may also be implemented through the regional strategic programme.

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