Programme for Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020

What are the priority axes and specific objectives of the programme?

'Sustainable growth and jobs 2014 - 2020 - Finland's structural funds programme'  has five priority axes and 13 specific objectives.  Each project must deliver at least one of these specific objectives.  No programme funding will be provided for activities of any other type.

The Finnish government has adopted a programme document, which must still be approved by the European Commission.

1. Competiveness of SMEs (ERDF)

Generating new business
Improving transport and logistic connections that are important to SMEs (only in Eastern and Northern Finland)
Promoting growth and internationalisation of enterprises
Promoting energy efficiency in SMEs
2. Producing and using the latest information and knowledge (ERDF)

Development of the centres of research, expertise and innovation on the basis of regional strengths
Strengthening innovation in enterprises
Developing solutions based on renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions
3. Employment and labour mobility (ESF)

Promotion of employment among the young and other groups that are in a weak position in the labour market
Improving productivity and well-being at work
Reducing gender segregation in education and work
4. Education, skills and lifelong learning (ESF)

Improving services supporting transitional periods and equality in education
Improving the availability and quality of education in growth sectors and sectors affected by structural change
5. Social inclusion and combating poverty (ESF)

Improving the working and functional capacity of people outside working life

More info:
Regional development manager Mr. Heikki Ojala, puhelin 050 433 3951
Development manager Ms Päivi Keisanen, puhelin 050 431 0605
Programme coordinator Mr. Aki Lappalainen, puhelin 040 502 1851
Programme coordinator Mr. Heikki Laukkanen, puhelin 050 918 0035
Programme coordinator Ms Katarina Timisjärvi, puhelin 040 685 4025

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