Smart Specialisation
Focus areas of the Oulu Region´s smart specialisation:

- ICT and software sector, including integration with businesses in different fields
- Basic industry´s value chains: metal industries, refinement of timber raw material
- Clean technologies, including energy
- Healthcare and wellness technology

The choises made in Oulu Region´s smart specialisation have taken into account the structure of the region´s enterprises and industry, areas of special expertise, research infrastructure, international position, national innovation policy and the region´s strengths and possibilities.

The goal is that the region´s stakeholders will utilize international networks of cooperation and European initiatives in promoting smart specialisation in Oulu Region. The focus areas of the Oulu Region´s smart specialization is also supported in regional decision-making by structural funds according to the goals of the structural fund programme. The chosen focus areas are integrally included in the stakeholder´s own operating strategies.

Oulu region´s smart specialisation

For further information:
Development manager Päivi Keisanen,, tel. +358 (0)50 431 0605
Manager for Research and Development Mikko Väisänen,, tel. +358 (0)50 336 6524