The Regional Land Use Plan

The Council of Oulu Region is responsible for drawing up regional land use plan that sets out a framework for all local land use planning and systematic community development in the whole region. The regional land use plan is drawn up through participatory planning procedure, which give municipalities, organizations and local residents a chance to get involved in the planning processes that affect them. According to Finnish land use and building legislation, regional land use plan is ratified by state authorities (Ministry of the Environment) while communal land use plans, master plans and city/town plans, are ratified by municipal councils.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Regional Land Use Plan is aimed at creating balanced and vital community structures, promoting welfare equally and strengthening Oulu region´s status both nationally and internationally.

Regional Land Use Plan is a strategic tool which brings national land use guidelines to local level land use planning. Reservations made in the Regional Land Use Plan are general in nature and leave plenty of scope for municipalities to resolve local land use issues. As a new feature, the Plan delineates development zones which promote joint master plans and other effective solutions that cannot be developed at the local level alone.

Municipal land use planning authorities are legally bound to take regional land use plan into account and promote its implementation. Usually, regional land use plan may concern private landowners only through building restrictions implicit in some traffic and recreational area reservations.

There are six land use plans in effect at this moment (Sep. 15, 2016):

Northern Ostrobothnia land use plan 2005
- Land Use Plan summary
- Land Use Plan legend and explanation
- Land Use Map (in Finnish)
Land use plan for Pyhäjoki nuclear power plant 2010
Renewal of the land use plan Phase 1 2015
Three land use plans for annexted municipalities