Programme for Sustainable Growth and Work 2014-2020

The aim of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is to increase employment and strengthen the competitiveness and vitality of regions. In the efforts to increase employment, the focus is on regions with the lowest employment rates.

The structural funds programme in Finland 'Sustainable growth and work 2014–2020' has five priority axes and 13 specific objectives. Priority axes are:

  1. Competiveness of SMEs (ERDF)
  2. Producing and using the latest information and knowledge (ERDF)
  3. Employment and labor mobility (ESF)
  4. Education, skills and lifelong learning (ESF)
  5. Social inclusion and combating poverty (ESF)

For more information, please contact:
Regional development manager Mr. Heikki Ojala
tel. +358 50 433 3951, Email: heikki.ojala(at)

Development manager Ms. Päivi Keisanen
tel. +358 50 431 0605, Email: paivi.keisanen(at)

Aluekehitysasiantuntija Mr. Aki Lappalainen
tel. +358 40 502 1851, Email: aki.lappalainen(at)

Aluekehitysasiantuntija Mr. Heikki Laukkanen
tel. +358 50 918 0035, Email: heikki.laukkanen(at)

Aluekehitysasiantuntija Ms. Katarina Timisjärvi
tel. +385 40 685 4025, Email: katarina.timisjarvi(at)