Regional Plan and Strategic Programme

The regional plan lays out the envisaged long-term development of the region (20–30 years). The regional plan is implemented by means of the regional strategic programme and the regional land use plan.

The regional strategic programme is a medium-term development programme derived from the objectives and strategies of the regional plan and its purpose is to steer and coordinate regional development. The programme contains the development objectives that are based on the region´s potential, needs, culture and other special characteristics, a description of the projects central to the region´s development and other important measures, planned cooperation agreements, details of the municipal cooperation areas and a plan for financing the programme.

The regional strategic programmes are prepared for four years and they cover the term of the municipal councils. The regional councils are responsible for organising the programme preparation process in their areas and the programmes are approved by regional assemblies.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the preparation and implementation of regional strategic jointly with other ministries, Regional Councils, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and other actors having central role in the regional development.

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