Mire Programme of Oulu Region

Oulu Region is aiming to position as well-known wetland region in Europe.  Oulu Region is very rich of mires and peatlands, and several valuable bird-wetlands are located in the region. Use of mires has long tradition and has different forms, such as reindeer husbandry or picking sundews for medical purpose. Postwar time has caused remarkable change to natural state of many mires because of heavy economical uses. Since 1980´s national mire conservation programmes protected part of mires.  

Programme for responsible use of mires concerning Oulu Region 2013 – 2030 was launched 2013. The main elements are: All the ecosystem services mires are producing are in the scope. Responsible use of peatlands is target for altering uses: peat production, wood production and agriculture. It means that peat production will be directed on drained or otherwise altered peatlands. Also impacts to climate or water systems will be reduced. Recreational use of mires and other wetlands will be favored; recreational properties of large aapa-mires are unknown; Oulu Region aims mighty Olvassuo aapa-mire in future as national park and hopefully as a part of World Heritage. Conservation of the valuable mires by their nature values will be promoted by regional land use planning. Restoring altered peatlands is a way to increase multiplicity and increase carbon storage.

For more information, please contact:
Senior Adviser, utilization of watersystems and wetlands, M. Ismo Karhu
tel. +358 50 592 1915, Email: ismo.karhu@pohjois-pohjanmaa.fi