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Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic

Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic, Interreg NPA, is a very large programme area. The programme partner countries are the EU Member States of Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden and Non EU Member States Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway.

Interreg NPA programme preparation has started. However, the withdrawal of the United Kindom from the European Union cast a shadow for the programme preparation. Current proposal for the programme structure is following:

  1. Smarter Europe
    -Enhancing research and innovation
    capacities and the uptake of advanced
    -Reaping the benefits of digitalisation for
    citizens , companies and governments
    -Enhancing growth and competitiveness of
    SME ´s
  1. A greener, low carbon Europe by promoting clean and fair
    energy transition, green and blue investment , the circular
    economy , climate adaption and risk prevention and
    -Promoting renewable energy
    -Developing smart energy systems , grids and storage at
    local level
    -Promoting climate change adaption , risk prevention and
    disaster resilience ,
    -Promoting the transition to circular economy
  1. A better cooperation governance
    -Enhance institutional capacity of public
    authorities and stakeholders to implement
    macro regional strategies and sea basin

More information from the NPA Interreg pages.